February 15, 2010

New York Fashion Week Contest Update

It is New York fashion week. My schedule has been enormously busy. But I have not forgotten about girl crush of the day. I will have profiles on some amazing girls posted very soon!

The contest has been extended to February 17, noon EST. I will have multiple winners. Basically, I am just looking for recommendations for cool girls to feature on girl crush. You can either send me an email, or twitter me (mygirlcrush).

Good luck! xx

Here is a partial selection of what you will receive for the best entry. I will be adding more! And you can always make requests for the things you like--I am flexible. (ie if you like more product, I can send you more product; if you like more magazines, more invitations, notes on the collections, I can focus on that too).

Click here for contest rules and details

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