February 11, 2010

Ania Arcaini

One look is all it takes.

She instantly captivates you.

Flawless style.

Flawless innate style. So rare. Nothing is forced. The nonchalant droop of her furried collar on a leather jacket she just-so-happens to toss over her dress. The hair pull back because it is fast and simple.

"She has the coolest style, body conscious and fun, always with a detail that’s "a little too much." A little too bright, patterned, or clashy."
- Garance Dore

Yet it is a style all her own. Be it in a Michael Angel kaleidoscope dress or a bondage dress à la Mark Fast. It can only be hers.

Luisa Via Roma Assistant Buyer Ania Arcaini turns heads steadily and slowly. No easy feat, given that she works at the most fashionable store in Florence. But there Ania was, and no one, nothing, not even a romantic walk with her boyfriend Scott Schuman (the Sartorialist) could tear superblogger and aesthete Garance Dore's gaze away from her.

That is the power her look.

Photo credit: www.garancedore.fr

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