April 2, 2011

Alice Hage

the eyes are the window to your soul

Alice Hage has a pair of the most beautiful I've seen

One glance and she had me hooked

March 24, 2010

Michelle Ochs

"The Cushnie et Ochs woman is no wallflower! She is someone with a strong presence, someone definitive who wants to put herself out there."

Michelle Ochs should know. One half of striking design duo Cushnie et Ochs, she embodies the sexy and strong woman she designs for. Razor-edge bob and a megawatt smile, the German-Filipino is confident yet bubbly and warm. With her partner Carly Cushnie, right after winning Parsons' Designer of the Year Award in 2007 (Cushnie placed right behind), went straight to work launching their own line. No business experience, first job straight out of school.

"We’re young, and becoming CEOs basically of our own company, so we kind of liked that aspect of it."

Cushnie et Ochs was immediately crowned the "next Proenza Schouler" by the New York fashion industry, and an Ecco Domani award followed in 2009.

"Few things are more electrifying than bearing witness to the nerves and excitement of a young designer’s first break-out show. It was highly anticipated by myself and the Bergdorf team ... the last girl walks, the curtain closes, they take a nervous bow. Cushnie et Ochs delivered and the label was born!" declared Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Director Linda Fargo. She ordered six pieces from their first collection to hang alongside major designers Marc Jacobs and Prada. Today Bergdorfs and Browns in London carry the collection.

For fall 2010, similar rave reviews were published.

"Watching their tough urban glamazons stalk down the catwalk in their Alejandro Ingelmo wedge-heeled booties and Albertus Swanepoel cloche hats emboldened by a strong-shouldered coat atop skinny leather pants, black leather body-con dresses, perforated leather pencil skirts and a savagely sexy fox-trimmed sweater, our overwhelming reaction was, simply, I want to look like that." - Lauren David Peden, vogue.com

They are supermodel clothes: lean, body-conscious silhouettes. I like a girl who can pull it off: fearless attitude, incredible talent yet feminine. Michelle is a girl who can make it in a man's world.

Cushnie et Ochs

March 10, 2010

Natasha Khan

Compared to Björk and Kate Bush, Bat for Lashes singer Natasha Khan is an indie rock darling. She's been nominated for the Mercury and Brit awards multiple times. Kanye West is a fan. So is Rolling Stone Magazine and style.com. Radiohead and Coldplay both handpicked her to open on their tours. Part hippie spirit, part storyteller, she weaves fantastical, dream-like tales while costumed in Indian headdresses, braids, face paint and caftans.

My favorite song by Natasha: "What's a Girl to Do," an epic, sweeping ballad about heartbreak. A bit short, but its haunting sound resonates.

Bat for Lashes official site

March 2, 2010

Yu-na Kim (김연아 or 金姸兒)

“Kim Yuna is a champion for all time” - Philip Hersh, Los Angeles Times

She is the girl who has captured the hearts of the world and reenergized her home country. “Queen” Yu-na Kim (김연아 or 金姸兒) broke world records and skated two flawless programs to win Olympic gold at the 2010 games. She is the first female skater to win all the ISU international championships (ISU World Championships, ISU Grand Prix Final, and ISU Four Continents Championships).

“When you’re with [Kim] in Korea, it’s like you’re traveling with Princess Diana; Yu-na’s that famous there.” – Kim’s coach Brian Orser

Already extraordinarily popular in South Korea, with endorsement deals from companies such as Nike, Hyundai Motor Company and Kookmin Bank cashing in at $8 million in 2009, Kim is the sweetheart of the nation. Now, with the Olympic win, financial analysts and large corporations are attributing their projected economic revival on her.

"South Korea’s strong performance in the Olympics may cause people to view the economy’s performance in a more favorable light. Korea, the country, has the ability to outperform the world economy.” - Timothy Condon, ING Bank, Singapore, Chief Asia economist

Not just South Korea’s sweetheart, she has spurred the imagination and optimism of the world—all through the power of beauty. She is a rare combination of raw talent and ethereal grace. Elegant gestures, fluid transitions, there was no sign of struggle with her program. Kim singularly embodied the emotions and movements of the choreography. It is this perfection that memorizes then charms.

“She’s the whole package. Her jumps are soaring and they’re equal. You don’t have one big one followed by a little tiny jump. I think she’s grown choreographically. She’s very musical. The whole thing is very beautiful and athletic, but not too athletic. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything when I watch her.” – Dorothy Hamill, 1976 Olympic figure skating gold medalist

“One of the greatest women’s figure skaters of any era.”
- Jeré Longman, New York Times

“Technically, she’s the greatest of all time. If she skates a little longer and does this over the next three or four years, she will be the greatest skater of all time.” - Ted Barton, someone who helped to devise the new points-based scoring system

"This is the best routine I've ever seen in an Olympic competition." - Sandra Bezic, NBC

“Stella Kim touched and gave happiness to all Koreans by … overcoming various difficulties and doing her best…. [I hope] lots of young people will gain confidence and hope through Kim’s achievement.” - Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk

"[Kim’s] passion and strong spirit brought great excitement and pleasure to the people." - South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak

“I think the whole nation is in front of the television. Kim Yu-na is the country’s special sister. Every athlete is important, but her medal is more important than the others. She is beautiful. She’s our pride. I think Koreans will have a lot of drinks.”- John Moon, Chief of Staff of the South Korean Olympic Committee

Hard working, modest, talented in figure skating and singing, I look forward to seeing how Yu-na Kim's story evolves.

"My dream doesn't end with the Olympics. I have a bigger future ahead of me. I'm not done yet."

Yu-na Kim, a Singer and Figure Skater

Yu-na Kim's Free Skate Program for the Olympic Season
(not her actual Olympic performance)

Sources: popseoul.com, Korean Beacon, Korea Insider, Gabriel Bouys/Agence France-Presse