February 4, 2010

New York Fashion Week Contest

Contest deadline has been extended until Feb 17, noon EST!

There will be MULTIPLE winners

I have been getting items for the bag and will continue to throughout the week.

Good luck!

Did you ever want to have an insider's view on Fashion Week?

Tell me who your girlcrush is at the moment with a short explanation why (be creative!)-- entries from all over the world welcome (but, please, in English) -- and you can even nominate yourself. I am always looking for suggestions of cool girls to profile, they do not have to be famous, just interesting.

The best entry will win items straight from New York Fashion Week: invitations, press kits, magazines, beauty and haircare products, etc. Most of these items are only available to show attendees, so you will be one of the few.

Be sure to check out my fashion week-inspired girlcrushes Feb 11-18. www.girlcrushoftheday.blogspot.com


RULES: Please send your entry via email to girlcrushoftheday@gmail.com with the subject "Contest" (so it won't get lost). Please include your email. Or you can also twitter me via private message your entry. You may enter more than once. I will consider each suggestion a separate entry, as long as there is a short explanation attached to each. Entries due 12:01 am February 15. The winner/s will be at my discretion. Any entries received will be a property of girlcrushoftheday, and may be published. This contest is open to anyone in the world. Please be 13 or older, or have permission from your parents. I will announce the winner by February 19.


  1. Thank you! I hope you entered! I would love to hear your suggestions. xx