February 7, 2010

Charlotte Casiraghi

“Stunning.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter to Princess Caroline and granddaughter to Grace Kelly, is both like her mother and grandmother: beautiful and graceful. With beauty and her namesake, grace, Grace Kelly captured the world's heart when she married dashing Prince Rainier of Monaco after a fairy tale courtship. Her daughter, Princess Caroline, was known as one of the most beautiful women of her generation. But her beauty was a bit darker: attracting danger in the people she met, and the reckless behavior she exhibited. Charlotte embodies the elegance of our favorite royals: demure, feminine and temperate. But her comeliness: the pouty, slightly downturned lips and the large blue-green eyes entice impolite thoughts. Charlotte is just too sultry for her gentility. With her "normal" yet sheltered upbringing -- paparazzi flash bulbs replaced with public schools and small town life, sans royal title -- the lack of her presence in the spotlight has only intensified her mystery.

The press has tried (and, in a large part, succeeded) to cast Charlotte on the world stage. At 16, Sunday Mirror named her number ten most eligible women. In 2006, Vanity Fair put her on their international best dressed list. They are trying to make an intensely private person a star, basing starpower on her pedigree, her wealthy and influential friends, and her physical appearance. On the outside, Charlotte does have it all. She wear Chanel haute couture, she fits front row at fashion shows, her face launched a multitude of fan sites.

It is what is inside, however, that intrigues us about her. So little is known, besides her talent in as an equestrian, a hobby she started competing in since 1998. But the glimpses that are revealed show a sensitive, charming woman, worthy of her royal heritage. She is passionate about the environment, using her connections to publish Ever Manifesto, a magazine on promoting eco-friendly sustainable fashion. There is much more to this princess than her external allure; she will enrapture us, slowly and steadily.

In her first interview, Charlotte Casiraghi speaks of her riding career

Credits: Wire West Photos, style.com, Eternal Muse, Getty Images


  1. She is sooo beautiful, we know almost nothing , we only can imagine her personality by her posture an photos
    that is her charm

  2. I agree, she is absolutely stunning. Thank you for commenting. :)

  3. Oh this girl is cute! She's like a brunette Barbie doll!

  4. prince william's future wife...lol..maybe...

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