January 29, 2010

H.R.H. Princess Letizia of Asturias

"Más que un icono de moda es un icono de mujer, pues aporta su identidad a los trajes que lleva."
"More than a fashion icon, she is an icon to woman because she provides an identity to the clothes she wears."
-- Spanish designer Fernando Lemoniez

"Letizia: representa la sofisticación, la elegancia y la sobriedad, y su punto fuerte es la feminidad"
"Letizia: represents the sophistication, elegance and sobriety, her strength is her femininity."
-- Spanish designer Ana Locking

It is not easy to outshine former model and current First Lady of France Carla Bruni. But that is exactly what H.R.H. Princess Letizia of Asturias did during President Sarkozy's April 27, 2009 State Visit to Spain. A form-fitting purple shift dress by Spanish designer Felipe Varela firmly solidified Letizia's position as "style Queen." With a penchant for slim cut knee length dresses, classic pant suits and peep toe or platform heels, Vanity Fair named her number 2 on their renowned Best Dressed list for 2009.

"[Letizia] has done more for Spanish fashion in the past five years than decades of catwalks and advertisements."
-- Journalist Maria Jose Iglesias

"The best ambassador of Spanish fashion."
-- Elle

While Letizia gains raves from the international press for her impeccable style, she is beloved in Spain for her grace and spirit. Born a commoner with humble beginnings, she is a self-made woman. In 2000, the former journalist was awarded best journalist under 30 from the Spanish Press Association. The following year, she won the Madrid Press Association's Larra Award. She never shied from tough assignments, reporting from Ground Zero in New York after the 9/11 attacks, and from the frontlines in Iraq in 2003.

"Además de ser una mujer muy bella, cuando se la conoce en persona impresiona de ella tanto su poder de comunicación como su frescura y espontaneidad".
"Besides being a beautiful woman, knowing her personally, I am so impressed by the freshness and spontaneity in how she communicates."
-- Spanish designer Roberto Torretta

Her 2004 marriage to crowned Prince Felipe of Asturias was a celebrated affair. She was a breath of fresh air to the Spanish monarchy. Still a celebrated figure, in a poll by weekly gossip magazine DiezMinutos, she was voted "Woman of the Year 2009." Recently, a Spanish sports organization created an award in her honor, el Premio Princesa de Asturias S.A.R. Doña Letizia, recognizing an outstanding athlete younger than 18 years old. Letizia represents the optimism and elegance of Spain.

"Es una mujer moderna y fresca"
"A fresh, modern woman."
-- Custo Barcelona

Credits (both pictures): Jose Miguel Gomez/Reuters/Landov, DiezMinutos, clasos.com, Bauer-Griffin, Zuma Press, Huffington Post, Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images, Hola, Belga Picture, Jordi Labanda


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