February 19, 2010

Winners of Girl Crush of the Day Fashion Week Contest

I am truly inspired by all the girl crush entries, from fashionistas to actresses to activists to just plain cool girls -- it was great to hear everyone's suggestions. Thank you for entering Girl Crush of the Day's Fashion Week Contest. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!

The winners are:
Naomi P., USA (Leighton Meester)
Charlene D., Japan (Kiko Mizuhara, Editor of Vivi Magazine)
Adrian J., USA (Whitney Port, Agyness Deyn)
Phyllis J., USA (Christine Caine, creator of A21 Campaign)
Ilknur N., Turkey (Milla Jojovich)
Nixon P., USA (Nixon Powell, blogger of www.nixonpowell.com)
Kathleen D., Philippines (Diane Kruger)

Grand Prize:
Mary Peters, USA (Erin Peters)

Congratulations winners!

Mary's entry touched my heart. I am also very close to my sisters. It is obvious her sister, Erin, is an inspiration to her. Erin gives the people around her the joy of beauty and optimism, despite her condition. What made this entry even sweeter is that Mary wanted me to send her sister the prize, because she knew it would make her day, as Erin misses attending fashion week.

Both Mary and Erin Peters are my girl crushes for the day.


My name is Mary Peters and I would like to vote for my sister, Erin Peters for the girl crush contest. She is 35 and lives in the Pocono's (PA) located about 90 minutes from NYC. We grew up in the NYC area and she attended college and worked in the fashion industry up until 6 years ago.

Not only is she the most phenomenally fashion savvy and chic woman, she does so as she fights a rare and terminal brain disease. When she goes in for treatments, has major brain surgery or when she has a horrible day she ALWAYS looks great! She makes a pair of pajamas look amazing! She pairs basics with a splash of color and goes by the mantra "if you look bad, you will feel bad". She loves high-end designer clothing and has rows of neatly folded jeans, racks of beautiful basics and TONS of shoes -- much of which she can no longer wear due to her illness and despite the many she has given away. However, every chance she gets she will put on one piece and dress it down. I am no fashionista by any means. All I can give you is an example. Two days ago I went to visit her and she opened the door in an Alexander McQueen dress with a long sleeve T underneath and a pair of Uggs. She was upset that this designer had died since she worked with him during New York Fashion Week prior to becoming to ill, as part of her career. Last week I brought her to her treatment and she had on the most adorable halter style floral dress with a long t underneath. She paired it with a super soft cashmere cardigan and knee high brown boots (ones that are worn just right) and tights. She took three different seasons of clothing and re-purposed them into one ultra chic outfit! She is stopped EVERY time we go out by at least one person who compliments her on her choice of outfit. She is amazing inside and out! She designs jewelry for with all proceeds to benefit the Foundation for her disease, even though she can barely walk some days. She gives her all to everyone except herself. I think part of her still getting dressed and looking chic is to show her family that she is OK. Fashion is her comfort zone and she is fantastic at spotting trends, new designers and sales like nobody else!

She has dedicated her life to fashion and beauty. We grew up in a very poor area and she would hook me up with the latest trends by making something old into something that was unique and fashion forward. She always has her hand on the pulse of fashion and everything associated with it. She would take thrift store and hand me down finds and created a phenomenal look for me growing up.

She is my style icon, my girl crush and my hero!

Anyone who ever meets her loves her and she just loves everyone! I hate to see her suffer but she does so with so much grace and courage. She is an inspiration!

- Mary Peters

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