January 19, 2010

Phoebe Philo

Celine spring 2010: "I wanted to clean it up, refocus, and present a strong, powerful woman."

Phoebe Philo knows exactly what you want. She did it for Chloé, bringing you stacked wooden heels, wide-legged jeans, and the infamous Paddington handbag.

"Established Chloé as a stylish baseline, the Chanel of her generation” - Cathy Horyn, New York Times

Now she is back, bringing faded French label Céline from the trenches with THAT sleeveless trench dress.

Phoebe Philo always had an uncanny gift for defining exactly what cool women want to wear.” - Vicki Woods, Vogue

"She has absolute precision in terms of being able to seize the fashion moment. She knows exactly what women are going to want tomorrow." – Claudine Barnabé, owner of Parisian boutique Espionne

Phoebe Philo is that cool girl, always one step ahead. Rather than elusive, she is mysterious. But she is not a snob. She is charmed by the copycat designers. She designs, instinctually, for everygirl. And she gets it right: sportswear meant to be worn: comfortable, classic and chic. Clothes that are meant to be reinterpreted and represented by the wearer.

"I'm not interested in clothes that just convey a certain look, or fashion. Clothes for me have always been a form of self-expression."

An effortless “It Girl” crowned many times over.

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