January 19, 2010

Carey Mulligan

Some girls are under the radar, even despite a Golden Globe nomination and a feature in Vogue. You would probably never notice British actress Carey Mulligan if you passed her on the street. Demure and quirky-cute, it takes a prolonged glance to be won over by her.

“Gamine innocence of Audrey Hepburn with the warmth, intelligence and mischief of the young Judi Dench” – Chris Tookey

Of course an indie film would prove to be her breakthrough role. Although you sometimes grimaced at her character’s naiveté in “An Education,” it was impossible not to be transfixed by her giggly precociousness. Here was a girl learning about the real world for the first time, and the risks she took ultimately made her stronger.

“Natural born talent” – Oliver Stone

This is a girl who can, with the twitch of an eye or the faint upturn of her lips, hint upon how she feels. Carey’s veiled mysteriousness is what keeps us guessing: an enigma who does not reveal (all) of her secrets.


  1. Did you see her in The Education? My goodness, excellent acting and my good, how beautiful is she?!

  2. She was amazing in An Education. Such an ingenue!

  3. ^ Agreed. I love her, although I'm inclined to hate her since she's dating Shia. lol

  4. Yes, the Shia thing ... I feel weird about it.... But she is such a great actress, will have a lasting career.

  5. She is nominated for best actress Oscar!

  6. I hate shia cuz he's dating her...