January 25, 2010

Lisa Porter

I first saw Canadian model Lisa Porter at the Chris Benz spring 2010 New York fashion week presentation. I could not forget her gigantic blue eyes framed by her auburn hair and rainbow pom-poms. She was the most surreal doll-like model in a lineup of very young girls, some looking like they were dressed for the junior prom. She had a doe-like innocence and a melancholy smile. The way she held those marabou pom-poms, hugging them around her like a protective shield made you want to reach out to her like a mother hen. I was utterly transfixed.

Marilyn Manson must have felt the same way when he cast her in his "Putting Holes In Happiness" music video. Lisa's litheness suggest an otherworldliness that easily lends itself to the innocent or its opposite. It is this combination that makes her intriguing -- and captivating.

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