January 26, 2010

Jameela Jamil

"I've mastered the hand-on-hip-slightly-turned-to-the-side pose. Every picture looks the same"

In one year, Alexa Chung decamped to MTV USA, and English teacher Jameela Jamil became her successor for the UK variety talkshow "Freshly Squeezed." In many ways, both girls are similar: the same cat eyes (Jameela's accentuated with a thick stroke of liquid eyeliner); model-legginess; self-deprecating slouched posture. But Jameela stands her own. Her bombshell looks - long, glossy jet-black hair, red lipstick and hourglass figure - play a coy counter role to her retro glam 80s fashion choices. Who else could pull off a Spongebob dress or Mickey Mouse costume and not look ridiculous?

Jameela also hosts Bebo.com's "The Closet," an online fashion advice show. She is very much like her fans: excited about fashion, secure in her choices but looking for updates. She is surprised that she is making rounds on best dressed lists. She just wears what she loves: poufy 50s prom dresses to premieres and shorts with ankle boots for casual excursions. She is still learning, experimenting, and the gusto of creativity shows.

"Jameela Jamil is tall, infectiously funny, endearingly comfortable in her own skin and has a quirky, irreverent presence on screen." - Katie Mulloy, Nylon Magazine

On screen, the hostess is young, enthusiastic and a tad off-beat. She is slightly in her own world, a bit starstruck by all the big names she is interviewing. But she laughs the awkwardness off with her quick wit. Jameela is refreshingly real, despite being ridiculously gorgeous, and that puts everyone at ease.


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  2. Jameela is fit, but often wears too much make-up.

    Go for the natural look, Jameela.

  3. I am a girl. I'm in love with her look- refreshing,quirky and sexy very me! My new fashion icon! Envious of the model height and body! Lucky woman!