January 31, 2010

Zoë Kravitz

"Born to Rule," the slogan for Vera Wang Princess perfume, fits its spokesmodel Zoë Kravitz perfectly. She is one of those girls so beautiful that not even pixie boy hair and funny glasses will detract from her beauty. She has the sultriness and delicate features of her parents, 80s/90s Cosby star Lisa Bonet and rocker Lenny Kravitz. But looks were not their only gift: with acting chops director Joel Schumacher praises, and a voice that silences her critics, Zoë is poised to hit it big on her own.

Zoë's charm, however, lies in her down-to-earth, nice girl attitude. For the first eleven years of her childhood, she lived with her mother, out of the glare of the spotlight. It was only when "Fly Away" became a big hit that she realized her father was a star.

"My parents did a great job at keeping me down-to-earth and that's what I cherish about my childhood. They taught me to not judge, but love."

She is a hippie at heart, mixing rocker influences with boho headbands and maxidresses. Sometimes she is a bit more elegant, with fitted cocktail dresses, but she wears everything with the same laid back ease. Editors love her ireverent style. PR girls seat her in the front row of fashion shows. She is not afraid to experiment, styling her hair in ringlets one day, chopping it off another day.

"I’m kind of a vintage-y girl. I kind of just like what I like. I shop at flea markets."

"I don't like spending thousands on a T-shirt and I'm not really good with designer names."

While her style is relaxed, her work ethic is not. Not content with riding the waves of genetic blessings, Zoë aspires to be successful on her own merit.

"I think I should try harder.... I have a lot of connections. I want to deliver and have the respect as any other actress in the world."

With a new Vanity Fair article touting her as a star on the rise, and four films (Yelling to the Sky, Twelve, Beware the Gonzo, It's Kind of a Funny Story) coming out in 2010, Zoë is one to watch.

Interview on Nylon TV

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